Corporate Profile

Our People, Experience and Cost Structure

ENVISION personnel are experienced professionals with diverse educational backgrounds in geology, biology, chemical and mechanical engineering, and other scientific disciplines. We have professional geologists, professional engineers, certified hazardous material managers, and personnel certified in all aspects of environmental remediation, industrial hygiene, wastewater treatment, safety program assessments, ISO 14001 assessments, and waste handling.

Our employees have worked in industry, for governmental agencies and for consulting firms. Our work and cultural experience is international; our people have worked throughout the US, and in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, UK, France, Germany and China.

We maintain a nationwide network of environmental professionals (both contractors and consultants) with which we have excellent working relationships to support our activities. At the same time, we do not incur large overhead, which translates into economical pricing for our services. Our clients get excellent service from highly experienced personnel at a significantly lower cost.

We believe our personnel, their work experience and our low cost structure give ENVISION the unique market advantage our clients enjoy!