Murphy's Law

Meet ENVISION’s newest employee Murphy’s Law!

Meet ENVISION’s newest employee Murphy’s Law!

Murphy’s Law (or Murphy as we like to call him) is a 19-year old Quarter Horse & Morgan gelding that we recently adopted. Murphy was originally used as a lesson horse for teaching kids how to ride; but now Murphy is semi-retired. He spends his days doing what he does best - eating, sleeping and getting fat (and wreaking havoc on the environment)!

Murphy fits his namesake perfectly (Murphy’s Law – whatever can go wrong, will go wrong); which is typically what occurs if environmental issues are not handled properly. Murphy will be helping us educate our communities on how best to address an environmental issue, before it becomes an environmental problem. We’ll be visiting local schools and community groups to introduce everyone to Murphy and his unique environmental adventures!

Please return to Murphy’s web page often to see what environmental mischief Murphy can get himself into!

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Murphy's Law!