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“I have had the pleasure of working with Mark Roman and Envision Environmental for the past 15 years. Envision is the most detailed oriented and thorough consultant I have ever worked with. Envision has helped us close down dozens of hazardous sites, and with the sale of property which required environmental due diligence. Not once has there been an issue down the road with any of the sites or sales. I know that if I put a transaction to bed with Mark and his team, I have nothing to worry about in the future.

Mark acts as our early warning system, letting our company know if there is anything out of the ordinary or representing a potential risk. He is an expert on the technical side which creates a high level of confidence in his approach. He and his team are extremely effective working with regulators as well as plant managers and field personnel.

Mark Roman and the Envision Environmental team have my full trust and confidence. I would recommend them without reservation to anyone requiring environmental services.”

Frank Brown, President and General Counsel, Rexam Inc.