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ISRA Compliance Consulting

Our goal for our New Jersey clients impacted by the Industrial Site Recovery Act (ISRA) is to provide a roadmap through the process without costly delays from not complying with regulatory requirements.

We have the thorough understanding of the ISRA process which helps our clients successfully complete a property transaction. And our experience in all phases of the process, including the steps necessary to allow for a property sale to be carried out, helps our clients save time and money in completing their transactions.

We can help with the following ISRA issues:

  • Determining if ISRA applies
  • When ISRA is triggered and the requirements to be met
  • Fees and Notices
  • Compiling and completing the application form and sup-porting documentation
  • Preliminary Assessments (PA) identifying areas of concern
  • Site investigations to determine if contaminants are pre-sent above remediation standards
  • Remedial Investigation Reports (RIR) and Remedial Action Workplans (RAW)
  • Negative Declarations
  • Limited Conveyance Applications
  • Remediation Permits
  • Alternative Compliance Options

We understand that the complexity around regulatory requirements can lead to delays and higher costs to complete a transaction. Our coordinated approach and extensive knowledge can help save time and money.