The Biggest Environmental Issues at Office Complexes 

Many property and facility managers at office buildings and office complexes think that only manufacturing facilities really need to be concerned with environmental exposures and liabilities. Looking at their own buildings and property, they just don’t see all the environmental risks and potential problems, at best focusing mostly on issues related to mold and asbestos. Often certain environmental conditions exist that require permits, plans, programs and training of facility personnel.

The Most Frequent Violations at Facilities According to OSHA

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Is Something at Your Facility on the List? 

I have a lot of respect for regulators at all levels, local, state, and federal. It sometimes surprises people that they are very often willing to work with facilities to improve their environmental, health and safety practices and address exposures.

Best Practices for Required Regulatory Training

Of all the ways a facility can get in trouble, including not having required permits or failing to follow certain regulations in your manufacturing process, one of the most common we see as environmental consultants might be a surprise.

Regulations and Permits… and How to Deal With Them Responsibly

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The Main Elements of a Strong EH&S Program, Including What’s Usually Missing 

The role of the facility manager has broadened over the years to encompass many responsibilities, including the facility’s physical structures and equipment, budgets and finances, training, compliance with laws and regulations (not to mention company policies, and employees).

Three Magic Words Every Facility Manager Must Learn to Say

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Sustainability Is Important… But Focusing On It Too Much Can Cause Significant Issues

The big buzzword in environmental, health and safety (EH&S) these days is sustainability. Corporations love to tell the public how sustainable they are. Makes for great press and builds the brand. And public opinion is turning such that sustainability – “being green” – is something consumers are demanding more and more of companies.

How to Re-Focus Your EH&S Strategy to Make It More Effective

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The Top 10 EH&S Issues Facility Managers Face Today… and What to Do About Them 

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Case Study: Client Saves $7 Million Thanks to a Thorough Site Assessment

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