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Brownfields Projects and Voluntary Clean-up Programs

A brownfield site is a commercial or industrial site that is currently vacant, abandoned or underutilized because of contamination or perceived contamination. Many brownfield sites are attractive to developers wishing to identify suitable locations for possible reuse as a viable business or other commercial property. Due to tax incentives for redevelopment and possible limitations on liability, many businesses recognize the advantage of entering into a Voluntary Clean-up Program or a state specific Brownfield Program.

ENVISION knows how these programs work and has been able to help our clients achieve their brownfield redevelopment and Voluntary Clean-up Program goals whether as a buyer, a seller, or a developer.

ENVISION knows how to enter into and is eminently qualified to work through this revitalization process, achieving client-specific goals which are in line with state programs. Regulators are primarily concerned with protection of the public and the environment, and ENVISION understands how the regulations play a role in long-term monitoring and maintenance of engineering and administrative (institutional) site controls. Our experience allows us to oversee brownfield and voluntary clean-up work in the most expeditious and economic way possible; in some cases assisting to potentially recoup up to 75% of clean-up costs. We offer a win-win-win solution for the company, the local community and the regulators. We can meet the redevelopment objectives for our clients and assist them so they can qualify for the economic and tax incentives offered under these programs. Active participation is positive for community economic redevelopment and our clients’ image as good corporate citizens.

We have experience in many project locations where we have performed Brownfields projects and Voluntary Clean-up Program projects for our clients including: AR, CA, CT, FL, GA, IL, IN, ME, MD, MA, MI, MN, NJ, NY, NC, OH, OK, OR, PA, RI, SC, TN, TX, VA, WA and WI.