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Site Investigations

We go beyond your typical site investigations. Our services are tailored to our clients’ unique situation and needs. In fact, many of our clients rely on us to evaluate conditions for possible environmental concerns associated with a variety of situations. Client projects requiring our services have included:

  • Machinery relocation
  • Building expansion
  • Building demolition
  • Demolition or construction activities around chemical use, storage or manufacturing process areas
  • Building relocation
  • Property transactions

We understand that time is of the essence and costs are always a consideration. Our innovative multi-tiered data collection approach obtains the required contaminant delineation data during the initial site investigation mobilization. Our approach results in providing needed information to accurately assess the extent of issues of concerns. It assists in developing potential remedial alternatives. And our multi-tiered approach eliminates multiple investigation related mobilizations to the site for contaminant delineation data collection purposes.

We are involved in every aspect of the site investigation providing our clients with centralized coordination and cost savings. We identify potential areas of concern. And we develop the investigation work plans as well as the potential impacts on the ongoing site operations. Our team develops and issues work plan RFPs, retains subcontractors, conducts the field work including the oversight of subcontractors and the performance of sample collection activities. Site restoration activities, preparation and submittal of investigation reports and fulfilling regulatory liaison duties for all of our clients are part of the coordinated effort we provide.