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Treatment System Operation and Maintenance (O&M)

ENVISION has properly qualified, certified and licensed operators to install, trouble-shoot, operate, and provide routine reporting and maintenance of treatment systems to reduce this burden on our clients.

We have designed and installed pre-treatment and treatment systems for a wide variety of remediation sites (groundwater, soil vapor extraction, phytoremediation, etc.) and at active businesses and industries for their wastewater and drinking water treatment requirements (carbon adsorption, air stripping, aeration, bio-enhancement, etc.). We also understand the regulators and the regulations, sampling requirements, analytical, and reporting requirements. ENVISION acts as a full-service O&M provider to our clients, giving support for routine sampling, reporting, system upkeep and maintenance. We also know how to keep our clients in compliance and how to address cases where the equipment fails to maintain proper effluent discharge limits. When violations occur, we can assist our clients in their investigation, corrective action and all correspondence with the regulatory authority. By doing so, we provide the expertise for our clients to minimize the potential impact of future exceedances as well as the cost of non-compliance.

ENVISION personnel have operations, maintenance, and design experience in:

  • Groundwater treatment systems
  • Soil treatment systems
  • Stormwater sampling and run-off reduction systems
  • Pretreatment systems, including industrial categorical pretreatment to POTWs and discharges to onsite septic systems
  • ENVISION has extensive experience in wastewater consulting, including compliance evaluation; monitoring; pretreatment; treatment system design; equipment installation; O&M; licensed operator training; etc.