Delivering award-winning environmental consulting to our clients since 1997

Environmental Due Diligence

We tailor our due diligence and liability assessment services to the individual requirements of each of our clients. The existing and projected environmental liability issues are evaluated along with the level of risk acceptable to the client. And our due diligence and liability assessments go beyond a typical ASTM Phase I or Phase II Environmental Site Assessment (ESA).

Understanding and managing risk is a critical success factor for our clients. Whether for a merger, acquisition or divestiture, we quantify the likelihood and consequences of environmental impacts. And our team uses that information to support our client’s decision-making process.

We create a dialogue with our clients. Problems are put into context and options simplified. We understand that costs and the concerns of external stakeholders (regulators, the public and shareholders) are primary drivers that influence internal decisions. We provide key data and interpretation of environmental liabilities together with the assignment of potential monetary costs associated with:

  • Multi-media regulatory compliance (past and present)
  • Historic facility (process) practices
  • Facility (process) expansion or downsizing
  • Property history and the potential diminution of real estate values
  • Investigation and remediation of contaminated areas of concern
  • Local regulatory atmosphere and trends

We also conduct in-depth reviews of environmental conditions, permitting issues and compliance determinations for commercial transactions, construction and demolition projects. We provide the information required for our clients to help avoid or minimize potential future environmental liability issues and costs.