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Compliance Services

Multi-Media Compliance Management Services

ENVISION can provide multi-media compliance management services (air, water, wastewater, stormwater, waste, safety, etc.) at cost-effective pricing structures.

ENVISION’s expertise in environmental compliance management provides the structure and framework for compliance initiatives, increasing the likelihood of successful program implementation. Our services meet the client’s real world needs, the ones that exist on the shop floor. Our experience in auditing, compliance, risk assessing, behavioral initiatives, training and management investigation allows us to tailor a program to fit our clients’ needs in a timely manner. We get bottom line results by focusing on:

  • Isolated compliance needs or multi-media management concerns as appropriate
  • Identifying regulatory non-compliance, relative significance and recommendations
  • Methods for achieving world class compliance performance and improving the environmental culture
  • Implementing compliance auditing programs - driving responsibility to the plant level
  • Supervisor investigation, risk assessment and awareness training - driving ownership to the employee level
  • Site reviews identifying the liability and cost of compliance for mergers, acquisitions or preparation for divestitures