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As you know, today’s trend for many companies, especially environmental consulting companies, is to merge to form large national firms. While working at a national firm, many of our clients stated that they missed the “customer intimacy” and “attention to details and needs” that smaller firms provided. Many clients missed the relationships established with their contacts at smaller firms. ENVISION was formed in 1997 for the purpose of re-establishing “customer intimacy” as a form of doing business in the environmental service industry. While other firms were adding layers and losing connection with customers, ENVISION was building closer relationships with our customers. ENVISION is committed to providing high quality environmental services at cost effective prices.

The owners of ENVISION are involved in every project no matter the size of the client. In this way, ENVISION can provide a wealth of historical knowledge and creativity to each additional project undertaken. We believe this is a quintessential element of our success and longstanding relationships. This model helps us provide an added advantage; we can take past successes and apply them in today’s fast-paced marketplace.

ENVISION structures our services to our client’s specific needs. We cost effectively address our client’s immediate environmental issues, while at the same time positioning our clients to meet their future environmental challenges.
We provide solutions to tomorrow’s environmental issues, today.

Corporate Profile

Our People, Experience and Cost Structure. ENVISION personnel are experienced professionals with diverse educational backgrounds in geology, biology, chemical and mechanical engineering, and other scientific disciplines. We have professional geologists, professional engineers, certified hazardous material managers, and personnel certified in all aspects of environmental remediation, industrial hygiene, wastewater treatment, safety program assessments, ISO 14001 assessments, and waste handling.

Our employees have worked in industry, for governmental agencies and for consulting firms. Our work and cultural experience is international; our people have worked throughout the US, and in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, UK, France, Germany and China.

We maintain a nationwide network of environmental professionals (both contractors and consultants) with which we have excellent working relationships to support our activities. At the same time, we do not incur large overhead, which translates into economical pricing for our services. Our clients get excellent service from highly experienced personnel at a significantly lower cost.

We believe our personnel, their work experience and our low cost structure give ENVISION the unique market advantage our clients enjoy!

Who We Work With

Envision Environmental, Inc. works with a variety of clients throughout North and South America. And they all face some or all of the following challenges:

  • The need to keep well informed regarding regulatory issues in a way that protects the bottom line
  • The requirement to maintain environmental compliance with environmental regulations within their industry
  • The strategic purchase or sale of a facility requiring professional, accurate due diligence reporting that mitigates risk
  • The need for cost-effective remedial investigations and actions driven by regulatory or business decisions
  • A desire for peace of mind regarding regulatory compliance while still protecting the bottom line.

Clients will be successful working with us if they have a concern for the environmental impact of their company as well as having an eye towards their company’s bottom line. Our typical client recognizes the power of creating a strategic alliance with an environmental firm that is interested in the overall business objectives of their company as well as the short term environmental regulatory requirements. And our perfect client recognizes the worth of highly detailed reporting and strategic recommendations that provide a high ROI on the dollars they spend on environmental issues.



rexam“I have had the pleasure of working with Mark Roman and Envision Environmental for the past 15 years. Envision is the most detailed oriented and thorough consultant I have ever worked with. Envision has helped us close down dozens of hazardous sites, and with the sale of property which required environmental due diligence. Not once has there been an issue down the road with any of the sites or sales. I know that if I put a transaction to bed with Mark and his team, I have nothing to worry about in the future. 

Mark acts as our early warning system, letting our company know if there is anything out of the ordinary or representing a potential risk. He is an expert on the technical side which creates a high level of confidence in his approach. He and his team are extremely effective working with regulators as well as plant managers and field personnel. 

Mark Roman and the Envision Environmental team have my full trust and confidence. I would recommend them without reservation to anyone requiring environmental services.”

— Frank Brown, President and General Counsel, Rexam Inc.

McDonals's"I have worked with Envision Environmental for almost 10 years. They are responsible for monitoring the water from our wastewater treatment plant and reporting the results to the State of New Jersey. I am extremely pleased with the services they provide. They are responsive, responsible and professional. When issues have arisen, Envision has quickly responded, bringing in appropriate people as required to fix the problem. I would highly recommend Envision’s services to any prospective client who wants good quality, professional and responsive services." 

— Joseph D’Ambrosio, McDonald’s Franchise Owner

FiberMark"I have worked with Envision Environmental for the past 14 years. Mark Roman and his team have done a variety of work including phase 1 and phase 2 environmental assessments, research into environmental regulations and remedial work when required. I have found Mark to be highly detailed, honest, direct in his recommendations and consistent in providing data and back up in support of the analysis. This approach has made it easier to make good decisions based upon Envision’s expert analysis. 

Mark Roman and his team know business. They consistently balance the strategic needs of our company and the financial aspects of regulatory compliance with our commitment to being good corporate stewards of the environment. Because of their business orientation, Mark has been able to find many opportunities for our company, including a recent recommendation for selling emission credits to the state. We look forward to taking advantage of Envision’s services in the future." 

— Robert Murphy, FiberMark

McGuireWoods"I have worked with Mark Roman and Envision Environmental, Inc. for the past 12 years. Envision’s work has consistently been of the highest quality. The analysis and reporting provided have been precise and complete with detail and back-up. Equally importantly, Envision provides recommendations and reports written in understandable language, with solutions that make good business sense. The combination of Envision’s ability to strategically understand and balance business goals with environmental regulations has made Envision’s team a valuable resource for the past 12 years and I look forward to working with them in the future." 

— Benne Hutson, Esq., McGuire Woods

BASF The Chemical Company"ENVISION has provided proven value to BASF for over 10 years. ENVISION has a team of excellent professionals that have supported BASF during acquisition of companies with due diligence assessments allowing us to evaluate the risks and opportunities associated with all aspects of environmental issues. ENVISION has also saved BASF several million dollars by streamlining operation and maintenance of remediation systems and managing disposal of contaminated soil. ENVISION is a very cost effective and efficient company." 

— Douglas Reid-Green, BASF

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