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Every time Mark Roman is on the job as an environmental consultant he takes a three-pronged approach to find the best way forward for his clients. 

That’s why his Business of Environment Podcast sits at the intersection of business, the environment, and regulation. It’s a pragmatic approach born of his 30+ years as an environmental consultant. 

The insights he brings in each episode apply to companies of every level, from Fortune 100 companies on down. 

Anybody making environmental-related decisions, from independent small business owners to facility managers of manufacturing plants and office complexes and more, to attorneys and even fellow environmental consultants can learn invaluable lessons.

Tune in to find out…

  •     Where to find answers for the most common environmental issues
  •     Why compliance is not enough by itself
  •     How to protect the environment without sacrificing profits
  •     Guests we can expect in upcoming episodes
  • And more

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Steve Gordon: Welcome to the Business of Environment Podcast. I am actually not your host. My name is Steve Gordon, and I'm here to introduce you to your host, Mark Roman. Mark is the owner of Envision Environmental and has been an environmental consultant for multiple decades now. Really one of the go-to experts in environmental consulting around the country. And Mark, welcome to the podcast. I'm excited to be here and to introduce the world to the good work that you're going to be doing through the podcast.

Mark Roman: Thanks, Steve. I'm equally if not even more excited to be here. Thanks for having me. 

Steve: I know you've been working on this for a long time. So for everybody that's listening and who might be kind of browsing through the podcast directory and they stopped on on the Business of Environment to find out what it's all about. Tell us, why did you create the show? What's it all about?

Business of Environment Podcast: a Rundown

Mark: Well, the Business of Environment Podcast is where we explore insights on the intersection of business, the environment and regulation, a significant yet often overlooked area. And as you mentioned, Steve, I've been an environmental consultant going on about 30 years now. And I've been involved in a variety of environmental projects for many different types of clients. 

And whether these services were environmental due diligence for acquisitions or divestitures, compliance services, site investigations or assessments, remediation, liability, risk reduction, regulatory systems, or anything in between. A full broad spectrum of services. And it didn't matter if these services were conducted for large fortune 100 companies or even small mom and pop businesses.

What I found is that it's critical that any solution developed for your environmental issues should not only address your immediate concerns but also your solutions have to take into account your business, the environment and associated regulations. And this approach not only addresses any immediate needs, but it also ensures that your company will be well-positioned to meet your future environmental challenges. Unfortunately, his approach is seldom practiced.

Steve: Yeah, you know, it's funny. You' and I have known each other for quite a while. And that's one of the things that I always appreciate about how you approach these issues. You aren't necessarily what I would call a zealot around any of these issues. You're very pragmatic and you look for what's the best resolution here that sort of checks all the boxes? You know, because if it doesn't meet all three of those criteria for being successful or complies with regulations. it, you know, meets the environmental goal of those regulations and then also allows the business to function, then it really isn't a good solution. And I know you're pretty creative at finding those things. So who is the podcast for? Who did you really create this for?

Mark: Well, it's really, anyone involved with environmental decision making will really benefit from this podcast, whether you're a business owner worried about your exposures and liabilities on the environmental end, or health and safety and even, a production engineer trying to determine what permits are needed for that new manufacturing line, a facility manager trying to address environmental health and safety issues at an office complex. Even attorneys, consultants, other fellow consultants, and even regulators. If you have environmental-related responsibilities, this podcast is for you. 

Steve: Yeah, and I think folks are going to get a ton out of it. So tell us a little bit about what they can expect as they subscribe to the podcast.

What Business of Environment Offers You

Mark: Our podcast guests and information will not only help our audience with their immediate environmental issues but also help position them for their future challenges. And we're going to get experts in the field on board to help address those issues. And the goal is to demonstrate how important it is to consider this major intersection of business, environment and regulation in your decision-making process. 

And that interviews with experts in the environmental field, whether they're attorneys, engineers, production staff, field workers, business owners, each episode will provide a unique perspective on really how to handle some common environmental issues that we all face, and how to arrive at solutions that, you know, account for your business, the environment and associated regulations.

Steve: That's fantastic. I know I've seen some of the guests that you've already interviewed and it's just going to be a fantastic lineup. So Mark, I'm curious, what are you most excited about with the podcast?

Mark: I really love helping people out. And a lot of times, it's, it's really just taking a step back and looking at a problem with a fresh set of eyes. And I hope this podcast and our guests will enable many of our podcast audience to look at their issues with fresh eyes so that, you know, we're sharing experiences with podcast guests and that's pretty exciting to do. It's great to have that feeling out there that, hey, I'm not alone in this issue. You know, there's somebody else out there that's struggling with this. But most importantly, I'm looking forward to helping develop viable solutions for our podcast audience.

Steve: That's fantastic. Well, folks, what I'd love for you to do right now is hit that subscribe button and make sure that the business of environment is in your regular listening rotation. There's lots of great stuff coming. And you can also find out more online if you go to That's Mark, thanks for putting in the effort to do this. I know that hosting a podcast is no trivial thing. And I'm just glad that you've stepped forward and you're going to bring this great information out to everybody.

Mark: Thanks, Steve. Looking forward to many episodes in the future.


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