Mark Roman | Improving Your Environmental, Health and Safety Program For Longevity


On this episode of the Business of Environment Podcast, I am once again in the hot seat to share advice in the environmental, health and safety field. 

Today, we talk about what can go wrong in your EH&S practice and how being preventative and proactive is the best way to maintain your facility for the long term. Having a successful program ensures there are no surprises to your end results. There is lower stress, and a healthier, greener bottom line.

I talk about ways to improve EH&S programs in general, as well as:

  • Acknowledging EH&S as more than just sustainability 
  • The impacts and effects on a facility if these precautions aren’t taken
  • Refocusing and distributing efforts across the past, present, and future
  • The main ingredients of a successful program
  • Proactivity versus reactivity
  • And more

Listen now...

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