Mark Roman | Protect Your Facility from Costly Environmental Gorillas


Do you know the most common sources of environmental issues in commercial facilities?

Do you know how costly cleanup can be? And how easily it can all be prevented?

In this episode, we continue our look at Invisible Environmental Gorillas, those often-overlooked causes of contamination in businesses.

The most difficult part of the process is identifying the areas where contamination can occur – the pathways spilled materials will take to reach the environment. Even minor releases of chemicals and liquids can add up to big cleanup costs over time. Be sure to listen in to learn more about: 

  • Where to start looking for these environmental gorillas 
  • Which tasks you need to add to your routine preventative maintenance today 
  • Why you always check the bottom of your elevator shafts and never assume floor drains connect to sewer lines 
  • And more helpful tips

It is never too late to start hunting for gorillas in your own commercial space. The expense of preventative measures is never as great as the cost of removing contaminated soil or water from your property. Protect yourself, and your assets, by beginning your gorilla hunt now.

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