Mark Roman | The Core Four: Essential Foundations For Your Facility


Typically I’m the host, but now I’m in the hot seat! With a wealth of insight on what causes so much of the world’s environmental challenges, from industry operations to the behavior of humans, Envision Environmental, Inc. is well-equipped to discuss the Core Four. 

Environmental, health and safety issues cannot be properly addressed without core foundational knowledge; this foundation leads to safer, and more efficient, management. The Core Four are these four components of knowledge that lead to more effective environmental policy, and they include Communications, Facility Knowledge, Property History, and Documentation.

I discuss and explain these Core Four, as well as:

  • How these core requirements are vital to both the facility and the consultant
  • Qualities of a great communicator
  • The value in saying “I don’t know”
  • The importance of knowing your property history
  • How to keep useful and compliant records for your facility 
  • And more 

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