Paul Tasner | New Solutions in Environmental Packaging


Single-use, disposable plastic packaging has been making the news as an environmental and economic issue.  The impacts of which must be addressed by businesses and consumers.

There is a sustainable solution to reduce plastic packaging – molded pulp.

PulpWorks is a design and manufacturing company that uses waste fibers from various plants to produce molded pulp packaging for consumer and industry needs. Co-Founder and CEO, Paul Tasner joins us to talk about how he started PulpWorks and how they are addressing business and environmental needs around the world. Paul goes through early setbacks faced by the company and where sustainable packaging is headed, including:

  • The dual pressures of consumers and emerging regulations calling for more environmental packaging 
  • The technical challenges in matching the functionality of plastic 
  • The array of benefits for companies that do make the switch 
  • And much more

Packaging is ubiquitous in our lives and this episode is an insightful and thought-provoking look at issues and solutions from both a business and a consumer view. Listen now!

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