Benne Hutson | The 3 Keys To Success


In today’s episode of the Business of Environment podcast, we sit down with one of the most knowledgeable and experienced legal and environmental professionals I’ve ever had the privilege to work with… Benne Hutson!

Benne really knows his stuff when it comes to law, regulation, and technology, and whenever we’ve worked together, I’ve always felt more comfortable and confident when he was part of the team. You’re in for an information-packed episode, so get your notepads out!

We’ll chat with Benne about why he switched from private practice to general counsel at a large company, the biggest challenges he faced in his switch to general counsel, as well as…

  • Legacy properties and why they have a significant effect on a company
  • Understanding the past, managing the present, and planning for the future in the context of environmental matters
  • Why listening, early communication and managing expectations are the top 3 things to be successful
  • Knowing what your problem actually is so that you can deal with it accordingly
  • And more

Listen now...

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