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Three Words That Are So Important For EH&S Compliance That They Are Worth Repeating

As a facility or plant manager you’ve got a lot going on at all times. It’s too much to keep track of it all when it comes to compliance and environmental, health and safety issues. But the solution – at least the start – is saying just three magic words…I don’t know. Uttering those three words puts you on the quickest path to finding solutions to your most serious and pressing problems.

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The Importance of Being “Shelf” Aware in the Workplace

Shelves can be a convenient way to store all sorts of materials in your facility. Shelves come in all shapes and sizes. And they are a seemingly simple piece of hardware. However, improper use of shelving can result in injury, even death, and a serious release of hazardous materials. Fortunately, there are some obvious best practices you can adopt to avoid that fate. Follow them to ensure that you are completely “shelf-aware” in your workplace.

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What You Must Do to Address OSHA’s Annual Top 10 List of Most Frequent Violations

Of all the material that OSHA releases, the first one you should take a close look at before anything else is its annual Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Violations List, which comes out every year. It’s a handy guide for examining your facility to see where you might fall short in key areas with regards to the most commonly observed violations of workplace safety. Also, included in that report, are recommendations for dealing with them and getting into compliance.

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Looking at Environmental Issues from Both Points of View

Unfortunately, the typical way many think about the relationship between the government and industry is that regulators are unreasonable and out to get you… while the private sector is unwilling to follow regulations and will try to get away with anything they can.

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