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What You Need to Know About Pollution Prevention - Part 1

Instead of simply managing environmental issues and dealing with spills, contamination, hazardous waste, compliance issues and the like after the fact… facility managers and others at the management and executive level are seeking to get to the root of these sorts of problems and eliminating them at the source… before they become expensive problems to solve.

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The Importance of Data and Decision-Making in Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S)

We make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions each and every day in our personal lives and at work, from something as simple as what you have for breakfast to what remediation process to use at a contaminated industrial site. Some decisions won’t impact you much either way, while in other cases, the wrong decisions can have very expensive, life-changing, even life-threatening consequences.

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How to Bridge the Generational Gap With the Core 4, Part 2

In many workplaces, training younger employees to become part of the management team can be a challenge. Manufacturing plants and other facilities are no different. With much of the older generation at or near retirement age, ensuring that the younger generation is ready to take the reins is more important now than ever to ensure that facilities stay productive, profitable, and adhere to strong environmental, health and safety standards.

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How to Bridge the Generational Gap With the Core 4, Part 1

As I mentioned in a previous article, The Generational Dilemma in the Manufacturing Workforce, there is a crisis in the manufacturing world that has to be addressed: The conflict between the generations. On one side, you have senior management, who tend to be older and near retirement. On the other side, the younger workforce coming up the ranks.

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