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Data and Decision-Making: Using the 5 Whys Methodology

Faced with any EH&S issue, only when you know the real problem can you come up with a viable solution. Seems fairly simple. However, all too often, the root cause is not addressed in problem-solving efforts, and, as a result, the wrong decisions are made. That means, at best, the issue isn’t resolved, and it has the potential for getting worse. The solution is a methodology for getting at the root cause of problems called the 5 Whys process. Using this process, you drill down to the real problem, which guides your decision-making in the right direction and allows you to come up with the real solution.

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What You Need to Know About Pollution Prevention - Part 2

Many companies have a knee-jerk reaction to any sort of law or policy designed to protect the environment. Typical reactions include that it’s sure to increase costs, make sourcing raw materials more difficult, and cause other issues. But with pollution prevention policies in place, facilities can actually cut costs in a variety of sectors, including materials, waste treatment, contamination clean-up, and more… while boosting worker health and safety and the company’s public image.

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What You Need to Know About Pollution Prevention - Part 1

Instead of simply managing environmental issues and dealing with spills, contamination, hazardous waste, compliance issues and the like after the fact… facility managers and others at the management and executive level are seeking to get to the root of these sorts of problems and eliminating them at the source… before they become expensive problems to solve.

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The Importance of Data and Decision-Making in Environmental, Health & Safety (EH&S)

We make hundreds, if not thousands, of decisions each and every day in our personal lives and at work, from something as simple as what you have for breakfast to what remediation process to use at a contaminated industrial site. Some decisions won’t impact you much either way, while in other cases, the wrong decisions can have very expensive, life-changing, even life-threatening consequences.

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