The Business of Environment Podcast

Mark Roman | The Most Common EH&S Issues – and How to Avoid Them

On this episode of the Business of Environment Podcast, we once again dive into the specifics of environmental issues that can be found at many different types of facilities.

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Mark Roman | Improving Your Environmental, Health and Safety Program For Longevity

On this episode of the Business of Environment Podcast, I am once again in the hot seat to share advice in the environmental, health and safety field.

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Mark Roman | The Core Four: Essential Foundations For Your Facility

Typically I’m the host, but now I’m in the hot seat! With a wealth of insight on what causes so much of the world’s environmental challenges, from industry operations to the behavior of humans, Envision Environmental, Inc. is well-equipped to discuss the Core Four.

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Rich Rivkin | Reducing Your Liability and Exposure When Dealing With Contaminated Materials

On this week’s episode of the Business of Environment Podcast, we speak with Rich Rivkin, President of Enviro-Disposal Group. Since 1991, Rich has managed well over 3000 projects involving the transportation and disposal of both hazardous and non-hazardous contaminated soils, dredge sediments, and other environmentally regulated materials. He specializes in the beneficial reuse and recycling of contaminated soils and historic fill.

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